Sunday, September 8, 2013

Snow - Miserable OR Absolutely Moving.

Since yesterday there has been a non-stop gentle rain where I live.  This morning I ate my cereal sitting on my front porch, just watching the natural beauty that was flowing - and would not be stopped until it was ready.  I love the feeling that comes during those quite moments.  It reminded me of years ago, while camping, waking up before everyone else - and the unmoved beauty, when I felt I was in the middle of a fairy tale and time stood still and I could breathe in what I felt.  Like a sweet smell that fills a home, it's all around and fills the soul.

I remember a time when experiencing the full swing of nature was  not something I enjoyed.  Many years ago, I visited a friend in a valley filled with inversion - the darkness, the cold and the dirty snow that covered everything.  It was a miserable sight.  I was contemplating moving to the same valley and it didn't look like something that would be a great option.

Since that time, I have realized something.  I now LOVE times like that.  It is in these times that we see and feel our inner-selves the most clearly. It truly brings out what we feel inside.  If there is sorrow, we can't push it aside.  If there is fear, we cannot hide from it.  If there is peace, it is amplified.  It is much easier to cover up how we feel; happiness, sorrow, fear, courage, everything can be covered a little when life seems bright and cheery... this is important.

But sometimes it is so helpful to find one's self in a situation where all we can do is be still and know that God is in control.

Sometimes it is very hard to be still. Life moves so quickly and gets overwhelming.  This time of nature happening all around, becomes the greatest time to pause and ponder.  To recognize who is in control - and that is is truly the best option.

These times are so essential - as essential as vitamins and nutrients are to the body, these are the times we give nourishment to the soul.  These are the times that they tops of the mountains come down to us all.  In a sense, there is a time that is accompanied by struggles - as all good things are.  But when we see the experience for what it is - we can realize God has come down to us.  What an honor that can be!

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